Disaster Response, Relief & Recovery

JGI asserts emotional, spiritual and financial support deficits as key contributors to the morale declination amongst communities. In times of natural and man-made disasters, the actions of influential leaders directly impacy local communities. Jackson Global Initiative partners with aligned visionaries to support Christian development through:  







Advanced Disaster Response and Recovery Teams 

Founded by Dr.  J. Jackson, The United Nations Chaplain Assn (UNCA) is a global organization of multifaceted leaders with a heart to serve the world’s communities.   In 2016, the UNCA has emerged as a leader in Disaster Relief management having coordinated with FEMA, The American Red Cross and over 200 agencies to streamline services and impact the lives of millions affected by disasters. Upon completion of UNCA’s Board Certified Chaplaincy Certification program, members may elect to receive specified designations in either of three distinct areas: Crisis Counseling & Intervention, Societal Reinstatement and Development or Community and Economic Redevelopment.  ​Learn more at www.UNCPA.us




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