Police and Community Engagement Initiative

Initiative Overview:


Led by JGI organization the United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA), the UNCA Police and Community Engagement Initiative was launched to leverage the UNCA's network of interfaith communities, local and federal government agencies, and Non-Government Organizations (NGO's) to establish the long-term infrastructure required to develop relationships between communities and local law enforcement agencies. The initiative promotes well-defined vision, goal setting, priority identification, mapping of stakeholders, facilitation, and deployment of a long-term redevelopment plan.  


The initiative drives police and community partnerships by leveraging local law enforcement agencies' cooperation, and UNCA-led Community Care Coalitions (CCC's) comprised of non-profits, public agencies, service providers, interfaith networks, and community stakeholders. This combined alliance increases the identification and delivery of goods and services to strengthen partnerships between communities and police. The initiative's Mission4 objectives center on three areas of focus:


(1) Create & Maintain Social Equity; 

(2) Respond & Recover From Disasters;

(3) Protect & Promote Youth Prosperity; and

(4) Create & Promote Mental Health Interventions.



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