"Innovation and progression stall without effective leadership."

- Dr. J Jackson


In addition to direct project implementation, the Jackson Global Initiative facilitates global change by establishing a foundation for both mature and emerging leaders to connect, collaborate and attain measurable impacts on global initiatives. JGI assembles and unites leaders to impact change through progressive development and support. 



 The JGI Leadership Council drives action among its partners through:


  • Knowledge Building

Access to forward-looking information creates the foundation for informed action. The Jackson Global Initiative partners with international leaders to analyze their most effective programs and introduce innovative approaches to improve and duplicate their models globally.


  • Encouragement

Through the network of leaders within the JGI community, visionaries are pushed by others through progressive minds to advance their scope, inspiring all members to be creative and innovative in their collective action.


  • Mentorship

Spurred by a collective sense of urgency and shared responsibility, JGI Leadership Council Members collaborate to best leverage their resources and expertise. Some partnerships develop organically from networking, while others grow through issue-specific member gatherings or JGI facilitation.


  • Platform                                                                                                                                        With audiences varying from early-stage NGOs, educational institutions, local governments, and middle-market businesses there is always an opportunity to make an impact.  JGI provides Leadership Council Members with opportunities to share their expertise through customized workshops, keynotes speaking arrangements, executive coaching, and other forms of engagement.


JGI engages both seasoned and emerging leaders through its Leadership Council and Leadership Development Program.




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