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Established in 2011 by renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Jason Jackson, the Jackson Global Initiative (JGI) assembled dynamic leaders to devise and implement solutions to complex challenges impacting North America.  In addition to developing its proprietary companies to the market, JGI purposes to convene partnerships between progressive organizations who have aligned to positively impact the world in the areas of Business Infrastructure Investment, Family & Community Advancement, Disaster Response, Relief & Recovery, Emotional & Spiritual Development, Advanced Education and Leadership Engagement.

                    Our Founder & Chairman

Forbes Finance Council Member, spiritual leader and INC. 500 honored entrepreneur, Dr. Jason Jackson is a sought after innovative theorist, and transformational guide.  Regularly covered by over 150 media outlets, such as CNBC, TBN, Boston Globe and other leading media authorities, Dr. Jackson has earned a distinguished reputation as an agent of innovation and restoration to global communities. Compassionate, humorous, and revelatory, Dr. Jackson kindles minds with life-altering principles of identity, freedom and personal ability. Dr. Jackson is a devoted husband to his wife, Natalie, and father to his children: Nalani, Jessica, and Joshua.


Through his leadership mobilization organization, Jackson Global Initiative, Dr. Jackson serves as an advisor to government, community and spiritual leaders and a diverse group of industry disrupting entrepreneurs and corporate executives. He takes pride in drawing upon his unique skill set to advance the lives of those within his center of influence by bridging the gap between social, economic, and cultural classes. Besides his business enterprises, Dr. Jackson has established a broad array of impactful, community–centric based initiatives. He is serving on the board of over 30 companies including:


  • The Progressive Orthopaedic Company;
  • IBS Investment Bank;
  • Our Children’s Our Future;
  • SOBE National Builders, LLC;
  • Bridge of Hope Housing Center, LLC;
  • Tree of Life Food Bank;
  • Proven Natural Products, LLC; and 
  • Camden University & Graduate School of Theology.

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