Higher Education

In an age where information and training are readily accessible, there still remains a principal deficiency in the area of advanced education. Counselors and spiritual leaders around the world have deployed their most effective strategies to restore members of their communities to no resolve. Escalation in societal traumatic encounters demands access to more advanced educational opportunities for those that respond to crisis. The Jackson Global Initiative supports access to advanced education through:  





Advanced Degrees, Certifications and Designations


Founded by Dr. Verna Bugg and Mr. J. Jackson, the Camden University and Graduate School of Theology(Camden) is deployed to provide unmatched certifications in the areas of Crisis Counseling, Chaplaincy, Societal Re-Entry, and Community Redevelopment.  Leading in the area of natural & metaphysical life sciences through its coveted NPP® designation, Camden provides students with insights into the obscured correlations between biblical studies and the psycho, nuero, pnuematic functions of human life. Camden is set to become a public institution in the Summer of 2016.


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