Mentors Creating Mentors

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From choosing career paths to establishing a moral framework, less than a half-century ago,  mentors guided us in life’s most critical decisions. In the absence of comparative support, today, many under the age of 40 find themselves to be ill-equipped to navigate the journey of life. The Mentors Creating Mentors: Life Engineering Program was created to encourage perpetual mentorship. Designed for Jackson Global Initiative’s leadership development program, the manual can be used as a template for all organizations seeking to develop a personal & professional development program.


The Manual Outlines:


  • The Purpose and Value of Perpetual Mentorship;
  • Basic & Advanced Communication Techniques For Mentors;
  • Establishing Foundations For Cultural Sensitivity & Competency;
  • Goal Identification & Strategy Implementation;
  • Leveraging Unseen Dimensions to Positively Influence The World Around You;
  • Role Descriptions, Screening  and On-boarding Processes; and
  • Basic Forms Needed to Administer the Life Engineering Program.



The Mentors Creating Mentors: Life Engineering Program manual is only available through Jackson Development Initiative.   



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