Family Advancement

Families across the world are experiencing unrelenting economic and social adversities. The Jackson Global Initiative believes that genuine reinstatement only occurs through simultaneously addressing social disparities through education and the provision of tangible goods.  The Jackson Global Initiative partners with aligned visionaries to support families globally through:  





Empowerment For Young Women

Founded by Dr. Jason and Natalie Jackson, The Supernatural Girl (TSG) event is a special one-day event is designed to teach, encourage, and strengthen young women between 8-18 years old. With high-impact activities, renowned instructors, and lunch surrounded by private jets, girls will leave feeling empowered to embrace their naturally supernatural identity. Fueled by corporate sponsors, the “lunch & learns” are held in executive airports and include motivational teachings from acclaimed entrepreneurs. The experience is designed to bring reality in to reach by “shattering the glass ceilings” over the hearts and minds of our young women. Developed by Dr. Jason and Pastor Natalie Jackson, the Five Pillars of Power were created to address the core developmental needs of young women in the modern age. Based on the Five Pillars of Power, The Supernatural Girl Event will provide introductory teaching in the following areas: Identity & Purpose, Life Skills Education, Health & Wellness, Business & Entrepreneurial Education, Character Education.




Family Support & Intervention

Founded by Dr. J. Jackson, the United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA) is deployed to mobilize a diverse community of multifaceted chaplains and trained to respond to domestic crises in the areas of Disaster Management, Crisis Counseling & Intervention, Community & Economic Redevelopment, and Societal Reinstatement & Development. Visit  



Family Nourishment

Founded by Dr. J. Jackson, The Tree of Life Food Bank's (TOL) is deployed to end hunger throughout Florida and the Caribbean by providing access to food, directing disparity advocacy efforts, and impacting communities through innovative programming and education. Additionally, TOL serves as a strategic distribution partner to non-profit and ministry organizations that require support in providing substance to their local communities.  Visit to learn more.



Family Wellness Products

Founded by Dr. Jackson and Mrs. Jackson, Proven Natural Products(PNP) is deployed to deliver supplements that are naturally produced and required by the human body as an alternative to traditional medications.  Proven NaturalTM supplements exceed expectations by ensuring products are based on nutritious whole foods. Visit to learn more.



Family Counseling

Founded by Dr. J. Jackson and Dr. Verna Bugg, the Broward Transformation Center (BTC) is deployed to provide family counselors with the training and support needed to heal emotional wounds.  BTC’s philosophy is based on the concept that profound emotional restoration only occurs by treating the interconnection between the three parts aspect of human composition (spirit, soul, and body). Medical science is now beginning to understand the importance of spirituality in the outcomes of physical healing. Visit to learn more.



Community Development & Support

Founded by Dr. J. Jackson, The Lion's Den Missions Base is a non-profit, community support-focused organization powered by volunteers. TLD provides emotional care, spiritual enrichment, and material resource distribution to the communities it serves. TLD has supported global communities through its strength, solutions, speediness, and sustainability. Visit to learn more.


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