The Blueprint For Hearing GOD

Book Overview


Ever wonder about the meaning of your dreams? Ever see things before they happen? Do you have a desire to help others find their purpose? Discover your naturally-supernatural nature with The Blueprint for Hearing GOD, written by Inc. 500 recognized entrepreneur Dr. Jason Jackson.


With many of the world's citizens experiencing supernatural phenomena in the form of dreams, visions,  déjà vu, and other indescribable "out of body experiences," there is a need for direction. Through a combination of scientific, psychological, and Judeo-Christian descriptions, The Blueprint for Hearing GOD serves as your one-stop guide to identifying and functioning within your intuitive abilities.


Book Topics Include:


  • Understanding the World's Need for Intuitive People;
  • Partnering With GOD Through Deploying Personal Authority; 
  • Identifying and Releasing Dormant Supernatural Abilities;
  • Interpreting Dreams and Visions; and
  • Leveraging Unseen Dimensions to Positively Influence The World Around You.


The Blueprint For Hearing GOD is now available on Amazon Kindle and other major outlets.  



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