Business Engagements

From manufacturers to financial services companies, and everywhere in between, Dr. Jackson and his team have the perfect speaking, workshop, or advisory engagement to fuel your next big move. Dr. Jackson’s innovative business leadership has been featured in over 150 media outlets, including:


Entrepreneur Fueling Entrepreneurs 

Mr. Jackson is nationally known for his positions as the Co-Founder of IBS Institutional Capital, an IBS Investment Bank sister co., where he is responsible for the execution and oversight of the firm’s executive functions and portfolio positions. He also acts as the senior executive of Pillar Capital Advisors, LLC, and IBS Real Estate Investment Company, LLC where he focuses on assessing, originating, and structuring commercial real estate and middle-market corporate investment opportunities for the firms. 


Significant Achievements: 


• During the last quarter of 2011, Mr. Jackson raised capital to expand into the retail lending sector, raising over $100MMUSD for franchises such as IHOP, Comfort INN, Best  Western, Subway, and others;


• In February 2013, Mr. Jackson sourced, structured, and sponsored  $350MM of equity and debt capital to provide senior loans to distressed commercial real estate;


•In April 2014, Mr. Jackson structured a $225MM finance vehicle that focused on providing senior debt on small-balance commercial real estate throughout the continental US;


• In June 2015, Mr. Jackson structured one of the first credit enhancements used to secure the US government’s investments in the Alternative Care Organization model; 


• By the end of  2019, Mr. Jackson completed over 18 mergers, acquisitions, and restructures in the alternative energy, affordable housing, specialty manufacturing, aerospace, and aviation sectors;


In response to the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, Mr. Jackson repositioned three finance vehicles to provide liquidity to manufacturers, distributors, and real estate investment companies; 


•In mid-2020, Mr. Jackson leveraged his firm to streamline the acquisition, underwriting, and funding of applications under the Federal Reserve’s Mainstreet lending program. The program was launched to support small-to-medium-sized businesses during the COVID-19 crisis;


•In mid-2021, Mr. Jackson became the youngest Chairman for SCORE Palm Beach, the SBA's premier resource for small business mentorship.


Known as a top investment banker for private placement transactions, Mr. Jackson is frequently called upon by his peers to serve as an expert speaker in national conferences and associations such as Opus Connect, Noble Capital Markets, Crittenden Real Estate Finance Conference, and Association of Corporate Growth. 


Core Areas of Expertise

Dr. Jackson is experienced in creating and sustaining foundations for launch, expansion, or restructuring.  

  • Market Penetration: building products or services and mobilizing teams to increase market share.
  • Executive Board Management: building, motivating and deploying boards to achieve organizational targets.
  • Capital Raising & Fund Development: establishing systems to capitalize for-profit and NGOs.
  • Next-Generation Strategy: developing strategies to bridge generational chasms and promote leadership succession.
  • Managing Hypergrowth: designing and scaling high-performing organizations from concept to exit.
  • Business Model Shift: developing strategies to pivot changes in products, services, and internal channels.
  • Entrepreneur Engagement: developing positive outcomes amongst new, maturing, and seasoned entrepreneurs. 
  • Public-Private Partnerships: creating and managing collaborative platforms for private entities and public officials.
  • Social & Economic Development: developing community strategies to promote social and economic growth.
  • Policy Design & Implementation: identifying and establishing effective policies that address organizational opportunities.   
  • Investor Relations and Communications: attracting and managing high-touch institutional investor relationships. 
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures: sourcing and structuring complex acquisition and dispositions for the middle-market.
  • Transaction Opinions: establishing quantitative and qualitative values of corporate and commercial real estate transactions.
  • Risk Management: assessing financial, credit, supply chain, market, and economic risk.
  • Intellectual Property: assessing the value of formal and informal intellectual property

6 Ways Businesses Engage

Dr. Jackson's insight and forethought can fuel your organization by energizing conferences, unlocking staff creativity, developing strategic corporate initiatives, or opening access to capital. Choose from the six defined paths of connectivity  (1) Speaking Engagements, (2)Workshops, (3) Advisory Engagements,  (4) Board Appointments, (5) Executive Coaching, or (6) Interim or Fractional Executive Appointments  as detailed below.


Speaking Engagements 

Dr. Jackson has delivered hundreds of innovative and inspirational-based messages designed to fuel the potency of executive leadership visualization, managerial efficiency, corporate growth, entrepreneurism, diversity, teamwork, as well as a myriad of core organizational focuses. Whether drawing from his existing content portfolio or custom development, speaking engagement structures include:

  • Keynote,
  • Expert Panels,
  • Roundtables,
  • Q&A Session,
  • Masterclass, and
  • Expert Interviews. 





Dr. Jackson and the JGI team can craft the perfect training session for your organization. Workshops can be delivered to support training goals for leadership development, change management, business growth, diversity, creativity, employee engagement, and future trends. Modes of focus and delivery include:

  • Executive committee development,
  • Corporate board strategies,
  • Training webinars (over 30 areas of focus), and
  • Custom workshop development.


Board Appointments


Dr. Jackson has added value to boards and committees over a diverse industry including higher educations, law enforcement, NGOs, energy, healthcare, real estate, and finance. On a select basis, Dr. Jackson is available to serve on:

  • For-Profit Boards (contact us for compensations requirements),
  • NGO Boards,
  • Advisory Boards, and
  • Committees. 


Executive Coaching  


Dr. Jackson is the Chair of SCORE Mentors Palm Beach (formerly Service Corps of Retired Executives) the U.S. Small Business Administration's premiere resource for entrepreneurial and executive mentorship. He is widely recognized by his peers a having the heart, grit, know-how to guide innovative leaders.  On a select basis, Dr. Jackson provides executive coaching in areas such as:

  • Business,
  • Entrepreneurial,
  • Group,
  • Career,
  • Personal/Life,
  • Performance,
  • Legacy, and
  • Expert Communication.  


Interim or Fractional Executive Appointments  

With operational and executive experience over a diverse group of industries, Dr. Jackson can support your organization by serving in fractional executive appointments to support: 

  • Hypergrowth,
  • Business Models Shifts,
  • Change Management;
  • Complex Transactions;
  • Founder Succession;
  • Acquisitions or Acquisitions.



Advisory Engagements


On a select basis, Dr. Jackson engages through a consultant, board of directors, or advisory appointments for functions including:

  • Investor Relations and Communications;
  • Capital Raising and M&A Support;
  • Dispute Resolutions;
  • Corporate Restructures;
  • Organizational Scaling;
  • Risk Management;
  • Corporate Capital Advisory;
  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition & Disposition Support; and
  • Creditor and Investor Support





With over 20 years of risk management, supply chain structuring, and capital raising experience, spread over most business sectors, Dr. Jackson and his team are prepared to engage businesses for targeted outcomes.


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