The Currency of Credibility

Principals for Unlocking the Unmatched Power of Trust

Book Overview

Throughout our lives, we learn to value honesty. With the advent of social media, trustworthiness is not easily identified at first glance. As a result, misplaced trust occurs, often ending in lousy business dealings, misassigned relationships, and other considerable losses. The good news, a lost trait has been reinstated to society as the barometer for separating bad, good, and best. Credibility.


Credibility is often embraced as the “power to inspire belief.” It is a critical trait that impacts every sphere of our lives. Why? Credibility defines the perceived value that others place on us. Influential people leverage their credibility rating to launch new ventures, resolve conflicts, and extract the hidden potential of others.  


As a part of JDI’s Bullet Point Series, The Currency of Credibility contours the most potent

principles in a form that is easily recognized, comprehended, and practically applied by the reader. In the book, Dr. Jason Jackson outlines the lost art of leveraging credibility to build businesses, coalitions, and other high-value relationships.  


The Currency of Credibility is only available for bulk purchases through Jackson Development Initiative.  Coming to Amazon Kindle and all major outlets soon. 

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